Harries One More Day Sleeve.jpg

Our latest CD “One More Day”  was launched in May 2019 and can be ordered by completing the contact form on the website. Please leave your details and we can arrange payment and postage. The CD and tracks can also be downloaded from Spotify,  Apple Music and iTunes.


The Harries original recordings were on cassette tape, the first  being “Denny Island” which featured Broom and Nobby marooned with a couple of seagulls in the middle the Severn Estuary on a pimple of a rock which can been seen from Portishead.

The group’s landmark cassette was “Where Bist Heading to Cabot?”. Sadly no longer available.

The Harries then moved onto CDs; Shipshape and Bristol Fashion, Raising Wind with the Harries, Harries on the Rocks and One More Day.


This trailer provides a flavour of the Harries today and some of the songs featured on “One More Day”.